Gasification: an advanced recycling technology to convert waste to synthesis gas, electricity or other valuable products
The problem: 6 million tons of municipal solid waste is produced worldwide daily, most of it goes to landfills and dumps
4 Mkm²
Landfill area of the world
this is equivalent to
The area of 20 European countries
30 Mm³
of garbage is delivered to landfills worldwide every day
this is equivalent to
× 10
Promoted solution – Reduce-Reuse-Recycle – has limited potential due to conservative people’s habits and limitations of recycling technology
  • Carry non-disposable cutlery with you
  • Buy biodegradable disposable cutlery
  • Carry a reusable bottle with you
  • Use aluminum cans
  • Repair shoes rather than throw away
  • Donate old shoes to poor
  • Use public transport
  • Use carshare and carpooling Recycle the old tires
  • Replace plastic wrap with reusable wipes
  • Use glass containers
  • Don't buy food packaged in plastic
  • Carry «shoppers» with you
  • Use paper bags
Disposable cutlery
Plastic bottles
Plastic shoes and soles
Car tires
Plastic food wrap
Plastic bags
Acceptance rate of four common #3-7 plasics at recycling facilities across the country
11% accepted
89% not
4% accepted
96% not
1% accepted
99% not
1% accepted
99% not
Our solution – waste destruction by gasification – is superior due to the optimized thermal processes
  • Thermal process is thoroughly optimized
  • Energy recovery rate is high
  • Oxygen consumption is low
  • Exhaust cleaning system is simple
  • Unit is small and affordable: $150K+ for a set
  • Waste is processed locally
  • Waste moisture up to 50% is acceptable
  • Electricity supply is off-grid
  • Cost of electricity is less than in the market
Our prototype can process up to 30 kg of waste per hour, generating up to 20 kilowatts of electric energy, allowing on-site waste processing
Gasification is versatile: it can involve all types of carbon-containing waste to be converted into a variety of useful products
Carbon-containing waste
Useful products
Gasification is green: carbon footprint is decreased 5 times vs. dumping waste at landfills
As Is (ton per ton)
To Be (ton per ton)
Gasification is economically viable: client’s waste removal and electricity consumption fees are reduced by 10-30%
As Is
To Be
Gasification can complement recycling and incineration to eliminate waste dumping at landfills
Our multidisciplinary team holds both business and technology skills
Sergey Likharev
Andrey Kuraev
Nikita Vasiliev
Alexander Kononov
Ruslan Khopersky
Nikita Pivovarov
  • Founder and CEO
  • Experienced C-suit executive in manufacturing and logistics
  • Expert in strategic business development
  • Co-founder and CCO
  • Experienced executive in engineering and power generation
  • Expert in marketing and sales
  • COO
  • Expert in efficient fuels, energy utilization, and computer simulation of thermo-physical processes
  • Chief Ecology Officer
  • Expert in metallurgy, industrial ecology, and project management
  • PhD, PMP
  • CTO
  • Expert in chemical engineering
  • PhD
  • Chief Design Engineer
  • Expert in design of non-standard power generation equipment
Let’s dump the landfills together!
Sergey Likharev, founder and CEO
•Local manufacturing and assembling
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